The Journey

Thanks for joining me!

This Universe Belongs to the Magicians of Energy, Frequency and Vibration. That Magician is Waiting There Inside of You.



YouTube Videos

As I am sitting here listening to a YouTube channel, I thought I would list a few that I enjoy. Maybe this will introduce you to someone new. Glitch Bottle, Gordon White, Witches & Wine, Black Witch Coven, Cyndi Brannen, High Percentage Magick, Thorn Mooney, Modern Witch, Chris Orapello, Grail of the Serpent, Sorita D’Este, Satan and Sons, OFSAdrianna, johnhollandpsychic, Balthazar’s Conjure, The Magickal Collective, The Occult Book Review, Michael W. Ford, Samantha Valens, guidwife, Magical Recipes Online, E.A. Koetting. I like hearing so many different points of view. Even learning different paths. So check them out listen to a few episodes and maybe you to will expand your horizons. Until next time continue on your journey.

My Journey So Far

Where to start? How about at the beginning. I was born a medium. My Mom use to tell me I had an ‘invisible’ playmate at my Grandma’s house. One day at our apartment she asked if I was playing with ‘boy’ because I was talking to someone. I told her no I can only play with him at Grandma’s. I then proceeded to tell her about the nice lady that I was playing dolls with. I was my Mom’s little ‘holy roller’ as she called me for I went to every church in our small village except the Catholic church. At least until I was around 13 years old, when the people at the Baptist church I was attending found out that I was being visited by my deceased Grandmother. They then proceeded to bully me that she was a demon in disguise. That it wasn’t my Grandma and it was trying to trick me into sinning. That was the last time I went to any Church again. My Grandma’s not a demon and thought I hung the moon. I then spent the next 14 years trying to find what I am. I became a Tarot reader and learned to meditate when I read Shirley MacLaine’s book Going Within. She opened my world to what I was capable of accomplishing. Then I was at a friend’s house when I found a book called To Ride Silver Broomstick by Silver Ravenwolf. I read the introduction and a lightbulb went off in my head, I was a Witch! Then as fate would have it I meet a fellow witch who worked at the bookstore I was looking to buy my first witchcraft book. She helped me break it to my Mom about me being a witch. Mom took it pretty well after my friend pointed out that she raised me to not be evil so therefore my witchcraft wouldn’t be evil. Thus I never really was in the broom closet. I was open about being Wiccan all the time. I read everything I could about Wicca. We got a Web-TV unit that opened the internet to connect to other Wiccans and to additional knowledge. I was a solitary eclectic wiccan. A few years later I met a woman that would add to my path. She was a member of a Gardnerian coven. I was accepted and initiated into the coven. I elevated to second degree. Left to go into a daughter coven where I obtained my third degree. I then hived off to form my own Gardnerian coven called Coven of the Morning Star. I initiated three people. Within seven months 2 moved to Florida and the remaining didn’t wish to continue. After about six months of reflection I decided to close my coven and return to being a solitary wiccan. I then decided to get closer and strengthen my relationship with Hecate. She has been with me since just after I realized I was a witch. In the last few years I kept thinking there was more. I had a whole mind shift of thinking outside the box. I found my thinking of Magick changing from being Wiccan to being a Witch to being a Sorceress. I realized that there was so much more that could be harnessed to bring power to my Magick. So continues my journey……..